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Kai White

Borland Delphi 8 Enterprise Full 13 High Quality

yes, but then the tool window is way smaller than in 7.3, and it only works when you compile the target application. the command line is missing too, but i can live with the old command line. the new one is just a very poor attempt to mock up the long outdated borland command line from the 80's, and a very poor experience.

Borland Delphi 8 Enterprise Full 13

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no, you're not doing it right. the ide usually locks certain references in a project for various reasons, even for the vcl. the recompile tool overwrites those references anyway, so it makes no difference whether you lock the references or not. if you need them to be unlocked, you'll need to re-add them at that point.

microsoft visual studio 9.0.21022.8 is already present on the machine. to install this version, you may need to remove the existing version first. if a newer version is available, update may already have been done.

visual studio 2010 contains the latest versions of all the frameworks. so you can install it on the same computer where you run delphi 2007/8. i hate having to run office (e.g: i use the ceo vst (office vst), but it's not saving to the desktop. if anyone can help please reply.

i have a very serious problem with delphi. i installed the trial package, it created and added itself to the start-up folder, i can open and run it without a problem, after a while, i close it and try to start a new one, it opens and acts normal, i close it as well as save but when i start a new copy, it gives me this error: "borland data flex sync manager.exe" has stopped working. the program may have serious errors and should be repaired.


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