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Primus 2 Camera Cctv Kit 720p High Quality

This covert mini battery-powered spy camera video recorder records crisp 720p video to MicroSD card, providing a perfect covert camera solution. It features motion, voice and vibration video triggering modes and a built-in battery allowing up to 10 hours of recording.Please note: vibration triggering mode is not currently available.

primus 2 camera cctv kit 720p

Supports All Popular HD Video: The Cyclone Primus V2 supports many of the most popular 1080p HD video formats currently on the market. Formats supported include H.264/ MKV/ MPEG 2-TS/ RMVB (up to 720p) and WMV9. Supports SATA HDD and USB Host: Built-in storage unit allows you to add your own SATA HDD to store all your media files. Supports hard drives of up to 2TB. With USB 2.0 support you can plug storage devices such as HDD; flash drives or mp3 and play them directly through the Cyclone. Now with copy command function enabling you to transfer files from your USB flash drive to the installed hard drive (Supports only FAT32). HDMI Digital Output: With the HDMI interface you can enjoy superb digital video and audio quality playback on your TV. Copy Transfer Copy files from USB direct to Internal drive. - See more at: -cyclone-primus-2-full-hd-mkv-media-player#sthash.J8u9ZW8a.dpuf

  • Another innovation in car electronics are onboard cameras. Dash cams and backup cams are becoming the norm on the modern highway and not only help you safely park and monitor your vehicle but can also be used as evidence in case of an accident to determine fault. Some important features to look for in these cameras include: Resolution (SD, HD 720p vs. 1080p)

  • Camera viewing angle (Standard vs. Wide angle)

  • Mounting positions (Dash, Bumper, Rearview mirror)

  • Power source (Hard-wired vs. Battery)

  • Continuous loop recorder

  • GPS-enabled

Channel (Single directional vs. Dual recording [front and back]) Deals Just For YouSign up to receive exclusive offers in your inbox.


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